Letter from the PHEF Board President

John B. Cordova Sr.It is the first year PHEF will serve as the administrator of the Pueblo Country Scholarship funded with excise tax dollars.  Pueblo Country has been a great partner in the past, but this year, thanks to county residents approving the marijuana excise tax, a significant amount of those funds will be used to provide scholarships to most if not all graduating high school seniors from Pueblo County high schools. The only requirement for the Pueblo County Scholarship is, you must attend Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Since its inception back in 1988 the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation has strived to provide needed financial assistance to financially challenged students.  We still plan on continuing with our traditional scholarship to other students through our established fundraising events.

In its twenty-nine-year history, PHEF has been privileged to award scholarships totaling several million dollars to over 2000 student scholars from thirteen Southern Colorado counties.  Thanks to the many individuals that have guided the organization over the years, and to the those that have been our donors over those same years, and a sincere thank you to our Executive Director, Beverly Duran for her work in continuing our great tradition.


John B. Cordova Sr.