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In expanded Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation’s (PHEF) collaborations beyond higher education institutions, we are able to increase organizational efficiency and enhance organizational effectiveness. The need within the Pueblo community to assist and educate high school students on available opportunities for higher education is at the forefront of PHEF’s vision. PHEF believes that informed individual actions will lead to a more sustainable educational environment with a focus on supporting financially challenged students to realize their goals of attaining a higher education through a college, university or trade school.

Our programs at PHEF are vital to the Pueblo community today. Without it, many local high school graduates would struggle in securing financial assistance for their higher educational dreams and goals. We are energized about our programs because we have already begun to understand its impact on students, their families and the community.

Academic Supportive Services Program

The objective of the Academic Supportive Services Program is to counsel and guide students within Pueblo County so they can obtain a degree or certification through higher educational institutions.


Financial Aid, FAFSA & College Opportunity Fund Application
Career Planning
Scholarship Searches & Planning
Scholarship Application Strategies