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Volunteer Opportunities

PHEF Scholars
Volunteer hours are due on January 22, 2021. 
There is a commitment  of 40 hours, per your scholarship terms and conditions. 
We know in the COVID pandemic, it has been hard to find physical locations for volunteering and still maintain social distancing. Complete as many hours as possible by the deadline and we will evaluate completion.  
On the Volunteer Tracking Form please follow these instructions:
1.  Focus on the tasks.  Each time you complete a volunteer or community service project, list that on your tracking form.
2.  If you completed tasks from home without supervision, list the task each time you performed that task.  You can leave the supervisors signature blank. 
3.  If you still need volunteer opportunities, reference the email PHEF sent to you several months ago with ideas you can do from home or call around to non-profit organizations in the community.