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Scholarships for students from all backgrounds from Pueblo and Southern Colorado



The Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation (PHEF)
The Foundation focuses on removing financial as well as other barriers that might prevent students from securing an education and gaining employment.
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PHEF Scholarships


PHEF helps students turn their educational dreams into goals and those goals into reality by providing scholarships for higher education to students in need from all backgrounds from Pueblo and Southern CO to assist them in achieving lifelong success.

Featured Scholarships at PHEF

Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation (PHEF) Scholarship


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Pueblo County Cannabis Hope Scholarship


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Pueblo County Cannabis Inspiration Scholarship


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What's Happening around PHEF
Ballot 1A would boost cannabis scholarships

Pueblo scholarships executive wants to boost individual awards

The executive director of the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation said if Ballot Issue 1A passes next month, it will be very instrumental in helping the foundation restructure, improve and expand its cannabis scholarship program.


Cannabis tax could lead to more scholarships for Pueblo students

Come November 6th, voters in Pueblo County will see a ballot question asking to raise the sales tax of recreational cannabis. 1/3 of those funds raised would towards supporting a scholarship program for students within the county.

It's called Ballot Initiative 1A, and one of it's goals is increase funding for the Pueblo Scholarship Program.


Pueblo County asks voters to change cannabis tax collections

When voters in Pueblo County open their ballots this week, they will find only one countywide issue to vote on this election cycle. Question 1A asks for a change in the way the County collects taxes on retail cannabis, and the outcome could have a big impact on how the community funds a popular scholarship program.