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Scholarships for students from all backgrounds from Pueblo and Southern Colorado.

2019-2020 Application is now closed and is pending review.


The Foundation focuses on removing financial as well as other barriers that might prevent students from securing an education and gaining employment.
Sowing SEEDS for a Brighter Future
S - Scholarships
E - Education
E - Excellence
D - Dedication
S - Success


 Due to residual funding, PHEF has re-opened all applications during the month of October

PHEF Scholarships


PHEF helps students turn their educational dreams into goals and those goals into reality by providing scholarships for higher education to students in need from all backgrounds from Pueblo and Southern CO to assist them in achieving lifelong success.

Featured Scholarships at PHEF

Isaiah Vialpando Memorial Scholarship




Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado Scholarship

Pending Evaluation

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How Do Scholarships Work?

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