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Welcome to the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation Scholarships!

Please complete this general application to apply and be found eligible for many grant and/or scholarship opportunities. Once the application is complete, you will view all scholarships/grants you are found eligible for and will be automatically applied. For questions or concerns please reach out to phef@phef.net.




Hello PHEF applicants!

Who can imagine we only have maybe 6 more weeks of school left in this semester.  For some of you, you are graduating from High School, others are advancing in your college journey.  And for some, you are graduating college with an A.A. or B.A./B.S. degree and are looking to transfer to a four-year program or graduate school.  All of it is attributed to your hard work and desire to grow academically!

If you have already completed your application, thank you.  You can check the instructions below to be sure you did it correctly and then relax. You can confirm your submission on your dashboard of AwardSpring anytime.  

This year we are no stranger to the troubled FAFSA process.  They have turned everything into quite the mess and foundations like ours are having to adjust our systems to accommodate.  

I am going to arrange this discussion into one of a few choices for you - you should fall into one of them so read them thoroughly.  Regardless of which category you fall in - 
the deadline for application is MONDAY, APRIL 15th at NOON.  No Exceptions.  

 If you have not received your FAFSA Student Aid Report with a valid Student Aid Index (SAI) number, please follow these instructions.  If you have an SAI, complete the application as instructed online.  
1.  Enter a 0 (ZERO) into the field asking for your SAI score
2.  Upload a copy of the FAFSA page showing you have submitted your FAFSA application and are awaiting results. (This can be a screen shot)
3.  Submit your application by Noon on Monday, April 15th. 
4.  Once you receive your 2024-2025 FAFSA report showing the assigned SAI score, email a copy to phef@phef.net with your name clearly showing  on the report and the subject line of the email.

  1.  Use the Estimated Family Contribution EFC Score from the 2023-2024 FAFSA  in the SAI field on the application.
  2.  Upload the 2023-2024 Student Aid Report (SAR) confirming the EFC entered into the SAI application field.  
  3.  Submit your application by Noon on Monday, April 15th. 
  4.  Once you receive your 2024-2025 FAFSA report showing the assigned SAI score, email a copy to phef@phef.net with your name clearly showing on the report.

 Most likely, you no longer have any FAFSA funding left and do not qualify for financial aid.  
 1.  Enter a 0 (ZERO) into the field asking for your SAI score
 2.  Upload a simple word document stating that you are enrolling for graduate school in Fall 2024 with the name of your school and a student ID if you have one OR Upload a copy of your acceptance letter to the graduate program you will be attending.  This letter or proof of enrollment will be required should you be awarded, so this is a good time to provide it.  
 3.  Submit your application by Noon on Monday, April 15th. 

This should help anyone who is still working on their application.  If you don't fit in anywhere, contact the office at 719.320.5596 Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.  

I also recommend the following edits, which you can still make before Monday.
-  Essay questions - they are scored on content, word count, grammar and spelling.  This is the most important part of how students are selected.  Be sure write a compelling story about your academic goals, journey and career plans.  Have someone proofread it.  Every essay is read!
-  Only if you are in a traditional path for GRADUATE school, should you select that as your level of education attainment.  If you are in an accelerated 3+2 or 4+1 program, still list yourself as a BACHELOR'S Level Student.  As a deferred undergraduate, you may qualify for funds that a GRADUATE student does not.  
-  If you are in high school, change your email listed in AwardSpring to personal email - NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ISSUED EMAIL.  Once you graduate, we cannot reach you and you could miss out on an award.  

Good Luck!  We look forward to reviewing this year's applicants.  

PS - We will be available by phone or in the office from 9am to 5pm to specifically answer any questions about the application.  Please be patient with us as we respond to everyone.  



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